The Open Hands Initiative is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving people-to-people understanding and friendship throughout the world by fostering exchanges that focus on our basic shared values and common humanity. We believe that all people and cultures around the world have much to share with and teach each other, and that only through mutual understanding and open communication can trust and goodwill be established. The Initiative was established in 2009 by Jay and Tracy Snyder.

  • GLOBALPOST SPECIAL REPORTRead the final work produced by the participants in the "Burma Telling Its Own Story" Program
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN MYANMARSix photographers learn about visual storytelling
  • EGYPT IN TRANSITION: THE CAIRO JOURNALISM FELLOWSHIPMeet the young journalists who participated in this 10-day media training program and cultural exchange
  • THE TAHRIR SQUARE SPECIAL REPORTRead the stories from the Journalism Fellowship at GlobalPost
  • THE YOUTH ABILITY SUMMIT: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?Catch up with stories from our previous participants to see how they were impacted by the programs
  • OUR CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE COMMITMENT TO ACTIONRead about what we are doing to promote the rights of people with disabilities
  • THE SILVER SCORPION IN SYRIAAs seen in hundreds of media outlets, see what the "Silver Scorpion" comic book is all about
  • UNITING PEOPLE THROUGH MUSIC IN SYRIAHear the music produced during this unique collaboration
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NEWS & PRESS                                BLOG & PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
Graphic Novel Now Available
The six-part "Silver Scorpion" graphic novel is now available on Amazon.
"Burma Telling Its Own Story"
Young journalists--10 from the U.S. and 10 from Myanmar--went on a reporting journey together from June 12-28. Read about the exchange here.
MTV Voices Hosts Silver Scorpion as a Web Series
The "Silver Scorpion" hits the silver screen in this animated series.
JFK Jr. Forum on the Revolution in Egypt
"From Tahrir Square to Today" debuts on the Egyptian revolution's anniversary at Harvard.
Job Path Annual Benefit
Job Path honors our Chairman, Jay Snyder at this year's benefit event.
Teaching about Tolerance
A workshop for teachers in Beirut highlights diversity and inclusion using the "Silver Scorpion" comic.