The Open Hands Initiative is currently preparing to launch programs in Pakistan that will bring together the people of the United States and Pakistan and foster improved mutual understanding.

Activities will focus on exchanges in the fields of public health, education, and culture.

Additional information is included below. Further information on project partners and specific activities in Pakistan will be added as programs commence in the near future.

  1. Public Health

    The Open Hands Initiative will bring together doctors from the United States to meet with their counterparts in Pakistani hospitals, medical universities, and non-profit health organizations, in order to share knowledge and best practices, provide needed equipment to local organizations, and assist in training and education that will have a lasting impact on the ground.

    The Initiative will establish long-term cross-country partnerships and together achieve sustainable results.

  2. Education & Culture

    Pakistan features a long and proud history of literary achievements, with poetry holding a special place in the country's literary culture.

    At the same time, Pakistan unfortunately suffers from high illiteracy rates- currently above 50%.

    In future programs, the Open Hands Initiative hopes to work with local and US-based partners to support Pakistan's rich cultural history by promoting on-the-ground literacy and education efforts.

    We also aim to stress the importance of sharing this important aspect of Pakistan's culture with the rest of the world. This is why we are planning to engage in efforts to translate and disseminate traditional and modern Pakistani poetry into English.

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