As the world's largest Muslim country, healthy ties between the people of Indonesia and the U.S. are crucial to long-term global stability.

The Open Hands Initiative believes that bringing together the people of Indonesia and the United States to help solve problems together can greatly improve the goodwill and dialogue between the two peoples.

That is why we plan to execute programs in Indonesia with local and U.S.-based partners to conduct cross-cultural exchanges in the areas of public health and rights of children with special needs.

  1. Public Health

    The Open Hands Initiative intends to bring together doctors from the United States to meet with their counterparts in Indonesian hospitals, medical universities, and non-profit health organizations, in order to share knowledge and best practices, provide needed equipment to local organizations, and assist in training and education that will have a lasting impact on the ground.

    The Initiative hopes its efforts will establish long-term, cross-country partnerships to together achieve sustainable results.

  2. Disability & Accessibility

    The Open Hands Initiative aims to work closely with communities, schools, local NGO's, and families to promote the rights of children with disabilities as equal members of society.

    By bringing together American disability organizations and self-advocates to meet with Indonesian organizations, self-advocates, families and communities, the Initiative will provide a platform for both groups to share their experiences in promoting health, adapted sports, and social inclusion for the disabled.

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